Big Data adoption has been rapid within enterprises;  many companies now have multiple Hadoop and other NoSQL databases within their data centers. The biggest expansion now is in the Cloud. New big data projects have a very high propensity of being deployed on a cloud platform such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Cloud Big Data architectures have a different set of considerations. Many tasks are handled by the cloud platform; on the other hand, there are many new design, deployment and management considerations that need to be handled.

At Data Aces, we specialize in cloud big data architectures, implementation and management.

Cloud Big Data Architecture

The overall architecture of the cloud big data system needs to take into consideration business requirements for data sources, data transformations, data science and analytics. Organization and business needs for data governance, security, access locations and disaster recovery dictate our design considerations.

In some cases, the customer has already made a decision on the cloud provider and certain core technologies. In  many other cases, customers are new to the Cloud and need guidance on the right platform and technologies to use.

Cloud Big Data Services

Data Aces offers a customized set of services based on individual customers’ needs. These include:

  • Requirements:  Create detailed requirements based on needs of various stakeholders
  • Architecture:  Propose the right architecture to meet customer requirements, taking into consideration future growth and other business changes
  • Design and Implementation:  Build the cloud big data platform and services, integrating necessary data sources and sinks.
  • Managed Services:  Manage the deployed solution, ensure smooth operations, make required enhancements and fixes. Our Managed Services offerings are at various service levels.